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Amal Clooney's bag patented

Amal Clooney's bag patented

Amal Clooney has become a star herself after her marriage to George Clooney. Sometime back, Amal carried a $1200 bag made by the Italian company Bellin. The company in turn renamed the bag “The Amal”.


Image Credit: Amal Clooney Style


Image Credit: Ballin

Image Credit: Ballin

Ballin filed a US design patent for the bag, which was granted last week. 

Patent Information
Publication number: US D761,016
Patent Title: Handbag
Publication date: Jul 12, 2016
Filing date: Dec 29, 2014
Inventors: Roberto Barina;
Original Assignee: BALLIN PROJECT S.R.L.


Celebrity Patents

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