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  • American Inventor
    Xerox patents road side sensors to detect and protect animals

    PATENT INFORMATION: Patent NO: 9,070,294 Patent Tittle: Automated warning methods and systems for the prevention of animal-vehicle accidents Inventors: Wyble; Thomas J. (Williamson, NY), Moore; Steven R. (Pittsford, NY) Assignee: Xerox Corporation (Norwalk, CT) Family ID: 1000001187249 Appl. No.: 13/895,962 Filed: May 16, 2013 Abstract: Methods and systems for preventing collisions between vehicles...

  • Apple
    Apple patents technique to automatically enhance images and make you look good in each photo

      PATENT INFORMATION: Patent Number : 9,070195 B2 Patent Title : Method and system for auto-enhancing photographs with saturation adjustments Inventors: Webb; Russell Y. (San Jose, CA), Johnson; Garrett M. (San Francisco, CA) Assignee: APPLE INC. (Cupertino, CA) Family ID: 1000001187165 Appl. No.: 13/629,559 Filed: September 27, 2012 Abstract: Some embodiments of...

  • American Inventor
    A cool looking passenger aircraft (Design Patent)

      PATENT INFORMATION: Patent Number : D733,030 S Patent Title : Passenger aircraft Inventors: Navarro-Machado; Manuel (Miami, FL) Family ID: D/474,225 Appl. No.: July 14, 2014 Filed: March 12, 2014 Abstract: The ornamental design for a passenger aircraft, as shown and described.

  • Google
    Google patented a method for automatic 3D image creation

      PATENT INFORMATION: Patent Number : 9,071,827 B1 Patent Title : Method and system for automatic 3-D image creation Inventors: Huang; Jonathan (Santa Clara, CA), Kvaalen; Samuel (San Francisco, CA), Bradshaw; Peter (San Francisco, CA) Assignee: Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA) Family ID: 1000000478010 Appl. No.: 14/206,901 Filed: March 12, 2014 Abstract:...

  • Apple
    Apple patents high strength logo construction

      PATENT INFORMATION: Patent Number : 9,070,313 B2 Patent Title : High strength cosmetic logo construction Inventors: Trzaskos; Piotr S. (Saratoga, CA), Franklin; Jeremy C. (San Francisco, CA) Assignee: Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA) Family ID: 1000001187265 Appl. No.: 13/244,111 Filed: September 23, 2011 Abstract: A cosmetic logo insert is adapted for fitting into...

  • Apple
    Apple patents a system to gift songs. Taylor Swift may not like this though.

    PATENT INFORMATION: PATENT INFORMATION: Patent Number : 9,070,149 Patent Title : Media gifting devices and methods Inventors: Lin; Gloria (San Ramon, CA), Mikhak; Amir Mahmood (Cambridge, MA), Nakajima; Taido Lantz (Cupertino, CA), Mayo; Sean Anthony (Dover, NH), Rosenblatt; Michael (Campbell, CA), Hodge; Andrew (Palo Alto, CA) Assignee: Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA) Family...