Greatest Air Show ever - Top 100 aircraft patents animated

Man always wanted to fly. Human flight became possible by efforts of countless inventors who improved the flying machine one screw at a time. We have animated 100 patents that track the history of flying machines. Here they come!!! Ladies and gentlemen. Here comes the first plane designed by Mortimer Nelson of New York A flat plane parachute designed by John Wootton of NEW JERSEY Here is an attachment that allows a person to fly. Well almost fly A duck shaped airship from Missouri This is for the fans of steam engines. An Aerial steam car from CALIFORNIA A flying machine with circular hoops design by Thomas Mot of England. It flies fine before it crashes . This apparatus enables men to fly with use of wings.

Flying this one would be so tiring!! An aircraft shaped like a ship design by Otto Francis of Michigan. It has sails too! This flying machine from Colorado is a gas bag shaped like a bird. That’s neat. Here is a manually driven airship from Texas. This Air Ship is an apparatus for propelling and guiding balloon. An Airship design by Edward Johnston This blimp was designed by P.C. Campbell. A dirigible airship designed by N. H. Borgfeldt. This flying machine from France is a gas bag to provide lift and bird-shaped mechanical devices for propelling the air ship. An Airship from GERMANY, with the gas bag shaped like a lens. Here is the iconic zeppelin airship design by Ferdinand graf zeppelin of Germany. They were used by Germany in World War 1 to raid Britain. After Hiddenberg disaster this line of airship was abandoned. But they are making a comeback now Here is an aerial vessel design by George D Shultz of Missouri. A flying machine from Illinois with oscillating wings for lifting and rotary propellers for propelling.

A manually powered light aircraft design by Oliver Elmer Lewis of Columbia. This is going to be suck life force out of you This is the legendary Wright brothers Aircraft. They made the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight. It takes two flints to make a fire for sure!! John Harriman of Massachusetts designed this flying machine with the gas bag to provide lift and motive power is provided by muscular effort of an operator. John Spies of Pennsylvania designed this flying machine with feathered wings to simulate flight of insects. An airplane designed by Gustave Whitehead of Connecticut. When it comes to wings, M. Nial of New York believed more they are, the better the flying is. Here is his flying machine. John Meden of Missouri designed this Air ship to emulate birds. A glider that creates a partial vacuum below the wings to provide a lift. Here is a flying machine from New York. Fan wheels of this flying machine develop high velocity air currents, which provide the lift to the machine. Walter D Valentine of California invented this aircraft inspired by primitive birds, which sported 4 wings. Vincent Lamare of Illinois designed this unique airship, which includes a series of parachutes. A flying apparatus invented by Butler Ames of MASSACHUSETTS. THIS FLYING MACHINE DOES NOT USE GAS BAG. Multiple Wings are used to propel, sustain, and regulate the action of machine. The ascent, descent, and steering of this machine are controlled by a pair of parachutes. Hey, is that an octopus flying Here comes a flying machine from Illinois with multiple wings to provide lift and propelling power. An Aircraft from France that imitates the flight of birds. Andrew Outcalt designed this gas bag with wings.

An aero plane design by John T Ryberg. This airship from New York is a gas bag which is filled with waste gas from the engine. That’s as green as it gets!!! A Tandem bicycle with wings design by John W Wilson of Massachusetts. This is really awesome. An Airship from New York with wings, having U shaped frame. The wings of this flying machine combine lightness with strength. The flying machine having a pair of wings with feathers just like birds. An airship patented by William Henderson of California. Here is a helicopter from Texas with wings that allow passage of air when it is moving upwards but prevents the passage of air during downward movement. A helicopter from California that allows easy turning and reversing of the machine. David Albright of Florida designed this Helicopter which also has wings that may be flapped to simulate movement of wings. Frank Jatunn of California invented this flying machine. Here is a light plane with combined propelling and sustaining device design by John E Mcworter of Missouri. This beautiful flying machine was designed by William Quick of Alabama. Storms do not trouble this flying machine as it may also be operated in water. It has a separate rotor to be used in water. Here is a glider from Missouri with a gas bag. Some wings on this glider are fixed and some are movable.

This airship is designed to carry sufficient fuel and other supplies. Passengers would travel comfortably in this one. A flying machine capable of traveling on land. Max Singelmann of Illinois designed this airship that uses only mechanical power. A dirigible airship with a unique design. A weight is lowered to steady the airship when moving through a heavy wind. Here comes a flying machine designed by Andrew Hirmer of Pennsylvania. Another bird inspired aircraft which can travel in air and water. Yet another gorgeous bird inspired aircraft. A device capable of traveling on land, water and air. The wings flap when flying and are brought to rest when traveling on water or land. A hand powered airship designed by Martin Jelalian of Rhode Island. A dirigible airship for military purposes again designed by Martin Jelalian of Rhode Island. This flying machine from New York is Inspired by insects that have two sets of wings. Here is an airship designed by Steven Marsek of New York. Rimmer Robert of Missouri invented this aircraft Here is a manual aero plane invented by John Kukell of Ohio. This Airplane includes automatic stabilizing means for preventing the plane from capsizing. A flying machine design by Gustaf Heden of New York. An aircraft in bicycle form factor. It is a manually powered device.

Here comes an aerial train. Bogies can be added to accommodate additional passengers. Wonder why this is not a thing!!! A flying machine with wings designed to move like wings of a bird. This aircraft combines advantages of helicopter and those of airplanes. An improved propeller for lighter than air aircraft. The craft includes cabins with windows for passengers. An airplane with a parachute to save the plane if something goes wrong. That’s quite neat actually An aircraft with swinging wings from Budapest, Hungary. This aircraft has good control and is navigable in difficult conditions. A flying machine design by John Janin of Washington. This aircraft from New York is designed to travel in air and in water. So the cockpit has a water tight dome. This aircraft has special wings which are capable of rotative revoluble movement, which help in varying the lifting power. This aircraft invented by George Krisch uses a gas bag to lift the airship and the wings are flapped to control ascent and descent. This airship from New Jersey, creates lifting effect with and without a forward movement. This cute aircraft has a unique wing design. Each wing includes an air channel. This craft is designed to travel in air and on water. An aircraft designed for amusement for the athletic folks!!

A tailless monoplane with longitudinal side wings invented by Edward Wagner of Pennsylvania. An aircraft with beating wings and tiltable propellers. This is a helicopter, where the propellers are set at 45 degree angle so they can provide lift as well as propulsion. This is not a bat mobile, it is a vehicle capable of traveling in air, land and water. Have you told anyone I’m coming back? An airship simulating an automobile invented by Autocopter from New York. A fluttering wing aircraft suitable for carrying a man. This is the iconic space shuttle designed by NASA.

The Space Shuttle was the first operational orbital spacecraft designed for reuse. The space shuttle program flew a total of 135 missions from 1981 to 2011 A special aircraft using a noble integrative left Propulsion and steering invented by Paul Bastide of France. A glider with hand operated wings and tails. This aircraft is capable of vertical or short take-offs and landings. A flapping wing aircraft capable of carrying one person is design by Konrad Gar. This Air Vehicle has a unique design. It is an automobile with a detachable rudder/wing section. This is going to make it to our homes soon. Here is a hydrogen filled floatable structure. This flies at very low speed, so may be used for advertising. This plane from Northrop is capable of near-vertical takeoff and landing. An electromechanical insect. This is a UAV for indoor recce. So insects in your room right now may actually be robots. Counter rotating circular discs allow this aircraft to propel and perform vertical take-off and landing. These drones from Disney carry light emitting payloads to form flying pixels, which are used to create awesome animations mid-air.