The Benefits of the Cloud

The Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud computing is nothing new, but for many businesses that are not yet using the technology, there are a number of key benefits that are being missed out on. Those benefits can improve your business in a number of ways, and by failing to look closer at the potential improvements to your company that are possible, you could be falling behind your competitors. If you’re looking at ways to give your business a boost, and you’ve been wondering just what the most useful benefits of cloud computing are, then here are the three main areas where your business could be functioning more efficiently.

Money Saving

The cost of transferring your data storage over to a cloud platform is much less than you might have assumed. The fact is that 20% of business owners are wary of making the transition to cloud platforms because they are concerned about the costs, but that view could be damaging to the future of your company. Rather than looking at the initial costs, it’s important that you instead look at the potential ROI. Once you start making use of your cloud platform of choice, you and your employees will have much smoother and immediate access to the data that you store, improving efficiency and, thanks to the document collaboration functions, reducing office management costs across every level of your business.

Better security

Keeping your customers safe whilst they’re online is the responsibility of every business with an internet presence. However, in the day to day management of your business diary, it can be all too easy to allow security updates to remain ignored. Transitioning to the cloud removes much of the need for in-house security because it is such a major element of the cloud structure that security is of paramount importance to their ongoing success.  With estimates that there are security improvements of over 90% for those businesses that transfer to cloud platforms, it’s clear that for those hoping to reduce security risk, cloud computing is far safer and easier to manage than maintaining the same level of security in-house.

Improved mobility

The static office is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. When management teams and employees are able to access business info and even work together no matter where they are in the world, the need for brick and mortar offices has slowly become reduced. This mobility is made possible thanks to the rise of both smartphones and the technologies that allow for even greater control of cloud processes. Software packages like VMware are making it easier than ever to manage your website, your data, and your security, and all from the convenience of your home office or even your phone. When your sales team are no longer tied to their desks, and teams are able to collaborate in real time even from the other side of the world, that improved mobility allows for far greater efficiency.

It can be very easy to fall into a routine and stick to ‘the old way of doing things,’ but that way of thinking is very limiting. Looking at the benefits of modern technologies and how they can improve the customer experience, whilst saving money and improving in-house communication, is essential if you want your business to continue improving.