3 Key Software Your Niche Business Needs

3 Key Software Your Niche Business Needs

Specific business sectors will have niche requirements that are of great importance to the field in which they operate. The medical, legal and educational sectors, for example, all deal with sensitive information and have a duty of care to their patients, clients, or students that extend beyond the necessary high standards expected of a traditional service or product provider.

Data protection, documentation, record keeping, financial management, and security will be of high priority. In this digital age, the majority of these services have moved from the filing cabinets and instead are managed through the use of advanced software designed to make accessing and storing information quicker, safer and more efficient.

1.   The medical sector: Health records

One of the most crucial elements of the medical sector is secure patient information management. Electronic Health Records (EHR) is digital storage software used to retain and maintain both current and historic health and treatment details safely and securely. This information is highly sensitive, and systems that protect it are extensively regulated. This guide provides some insight into available EHR software, what to look for, and what to avoid.

In addition to providing a platform for authorized users to access, update, and assess patient information, it also allows access to tools that can assist in making critical decisions surrounding patient care. With ever increasing pressures (such as financial backing, staffing, and legislation,) facing health care services, comprehensive EHR software is an invaluable resource for the sector.

2.   The legal sector: Probate

The very nature of probate and its purposes means that the process is likely to already be stressful and arduous for beneficiaries, so efficient and proactive service provision will be hugely advantageous to your firm. Legal case management software is a useful method for centralizing your services and optimizing your firms operating procedures, leading to a more effective and professional service.

Probate requires extensive communications between multiple parties, extensive document drafting, accounting, and finance management. Probate Case Management from redbricksolutions.co.uk allows you to automatically populate documents through data capture, manage comprehensive estate accounts, and centralize your communications across multiple parties, saving valuable time and money. It is one of many legal case management services they provide to increase productivity within your legal firm.

3.   The education sector: Distance learning

With steady growth in e-learning and distance learning within the education sector, it is imperative for teaching institutions to deliver content and materials digitally, allowing students studying remotely to access the same resources as those on campus. Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide a platform for the provider to share content and the consumer to participate in learning exercises and access important resources.

There are extensive LMS software options available that can provide access to an array of useful tools and services:

  • Timekeeping – Calendars, timetables, schedules
  • Resources – eBooks, journals, e-library’s, lecture notes
  • Communication – Email, forums, chat functions
  • Submissions – Submit assignments, complete tests and exercises, grading

Also, LMS software can be used to deliver a business-specific training course to staff in any sector, boosting professional development within your organization and is not limited to universities and colleges.


Finding the right software for your business will allow for far more efficient processes, and there are many software packages available to meet even the most unique business needs. They serve to improve your operating processes, making them more manageable and user-friendly.

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