Meet the most prolific female inventor in IBM’s history

Lisa Seacat Deluca is mobile software engineer who works as technology strategist at IBM.

BM's Most Prolific Female Inventor
Lisa with one of her “fun” inventions!

She has filed over 420 patents with over 225 issued so far, making here the most prolific female inventor in IBM’s history.

BM's Most Prolific Female Inventor2

BM's Most Prolific Female Inventor5
One of Lisa’s Patent (Number – US8347382 B2)

Most of her inventions solve real problems in the High-Tech industry. But many inventions were apparently done just for fun. One of her inventions is a wearable device that lights up whenever she receives a tweet.

Lisa wearable device
Wearable device that lights up when Lisa receives a tweet
BM's Most Prolific Female Inventor6
Tweet to Lisa @LisaSeacat to light up here wearable device (necklace)

So do tweet her at @LisaSeacat and her wearable device (necklace) will actually light up. 🙂

She says she files patents so that she can inform the public about her ideas, so that someone else can take these ideas and develop something further. This in fact is the core philosophy behind the patent system.

Check her TED talk:

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