CreepyIP #4 – Vampire toothcap and Facial Decal

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Patent Information
Patent Number: US8517734B1
Patent Title: Comfortable removable tooth cap

Application number: US11677014
Inventor: Donald W. Nutting
Assignee: Foothills Creations Ltd
Priority date: 2006-03-01
Filing date: 2007-02-20
Publication date: 2013-08-27
Grant date: 2013-08-27

Abstract: A removable tooth cap defines a cavity for receiving a real tooth as well as material for removably attaching the tooth cap to the real tooth. The tooth cap has a front side and a back side which form a tip at the distal or free end of the tooth cap. The back side has a length which is less than ⅔ of the overall length of said tooth cap. The back side further defines a hole for receiving the material so that said material anchors or locks to the tooth cap when the material hardens.