#CreepyIP No. 17 – Scare trick or treaters with this giant bat with adjustable wingspan

Patent Information
Patent Number: US 5285898 A
Patent Title: Bat-like decorative object
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 07/891,648
Publication date: Feb 15, 1994
Filing date: May 29, 1992
Priority date: Jul 18, 1990
Fee status: Paid
Inventors: Benson E. Zinbarg, Nancy E. Mimoun

Abstract: Decorative combination structure comprising a combination of a flexible bag member and a flexible sheet which together simulate a fanciful conception of the appearance of a giant bat. The flexible bag is arranged for receiving a plurality of light-weight and preferably inflatable filler elements and for assuming a substantially tubular shape with rounded ends when so filled so as to simulate a bat body, and the bag member is provided with facial indicia of a bat. The flexible sheet is shaped to simulate bat wings and is attached to the bag. A plurality of closure or bunching means for the flexible bag are provided to cause ear-like protrusions at be formed at the initially open end of the bag member. A plurality of fastener means are provided for fastening the bag and the wing-like sheet together.




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