CreepyIP#9 - Bloody spewing apparatus

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Patent Information
Publication Number: US 20090107556 A1
Patnet title: Fluid Dispensing Fake Body Part and Method for Making the Same
Publication type: Application
Application number: US 11/932,396
Publication date: Apr 30, 2009
Filing date: Oct 31, 2007
Priority date: Oct 31, 2007
Inventors: Edward Marshall

Abstract: An apparatus that resembles a part of the human body that can dispense fluids is disclosed. The body part is made out of a polymer, where the shape of the body part is determined by a mold. Tubing is used to transport the liquid. One end of the tubing is flush with the edge of the body part such that the tube does not protrude from the body part but also can dispense fluid freely. A nozzle can be included in this end to direct the flow of the fluid. The other end of the tubing is connected to a container with a pump, where the pump can dispense continuous or specific amounts of fluid. Alternatively, gravity can be used to force the fluid through the nozzle. The apparatus can be designed for use by an individual or separate from an individual.