Steve Jobs - The Design Genius

Steve Jobs was the most iconic businessman of the modern era. As CEO of Apple, he created an awesome innovation culture, built a strong senior management team, and personally led marketing campaigns.

He took hands on approach when it came to customer experience. So he got involved in design of everything from store fronts, to products to user interfaces.

For these efforts, he was awarded over 400 patents in his life. Not surprisingly, most of these patents were design patents.

Customer experience starts with customer visiting the store. Steve Jobs patented design of many Apple stores including

Apple store on Fifth Ave, New York, Apple store at Shanghai. He even designed the staircases inside the Apple Store on Regent Street, London.

Unboxing is an important part of customer experience. So, Steve designed packaging of many products

He was personally involved in external design of the entire product range. iPod Nano,  iPhone, MacBook, ipod shuffle, Magic Mouse, iPod Shuffle, Monitor, Power Adapter, First iMac, Original iPod.

He even designed some user interfaces including placement of icons on iPad, placement of icons on iPhone and some animated user interfaces. He designed the iTunes icon displayed on iPhones and iPads.

“A patent is to an engineer, what a canvas is to an artist or a book to an author” – Deepak Gupta, PatentYogi.

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