CreepyIP #1 - Scary toiler device

It’s October, the time of the year when we delve into the creepy world of creepy patents. This full month we will share creepy patents everyday!

This appliance for a toilet has a flush responsive audio player plays preselected audio content keyed in response to a toilet flush event. Tune in some scary music, to scare everyone when they take a dump.


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Patent Information
Patent Publication Number: US 20120060270 A1
Patent Title: Appliance for a Toilet Having a Flush Responsive Audio Player

Application number: US 12/880,065
Publication date: Mar 15, 2012
Filing date: Sep 11, 2010
Priority date: Sep 11, 2010
Inventors: Kevin J. Ihlefeld, Timothy C. Ihlefeld

PatentYogi_Scary Toilet Device