CreepyIP #2 - Scary Halloween Candy bag

It’s October, the time of the year when we delve into the Creepy world of patents. This full month we will share creepy patents everyday!

This patent discloses a scary but cool Halloween Candy bag.

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Problem solved by this patent
Trick-or-treating is a popular children’s activity during Halloween. Often children use plain plastic bags to collect and carry the treats they receive during trick-or-treating. Other containers that children use are in the shape of common Halloween themed items such as a pumpkin or have two dimensional common Halloween images such as witches or bats. Such bags and containers have top openings.

Solution provided by this patent
The invention provides an article carrier comprising a bag. The bag comprises a body comprising a trunk defining a hollow receptacle and comprising a head. The head comprises a face, the face comprising a mouth having an interior, an exterior, a top portion, and a bottom portion. The mouth is configured to open and close. The mouth is positioned on the front of the face and defines a frontal opening to a passageway, the passageway in communication with the hollow receptacle of the trunk of the body. The frontal opening is at least sized to receive a confectionary item. The body further comprises a pair of arms comprising a left hand and a right hand; and a pair of legs comprising a left foot and a right foot. The bag further comprises at least one strap that connects the left hand to the right hand to form a handle during use.

Patent Information
Patent Publication Number: US 20120205408
Patent Title: Multi-purpose article carrier

Application number: US 13/358,958
Publication date: 16 Aug 2012
Filing date: 26 Jan 2012
Priority date: 16 Feb 2011
Inventors: Zaid Mohammad, Zeba Ali
Original Assignee: Sadia Toys LLC

Abstract: The present invention provides article carriers such as bags, backpacks, and bags that convert into backpacks. The article carriers can be used as trick-or-treat bags for Halloween and can have a fanciful design in the shape of a monster.


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