Sunday Funday – Patented flatulence deodorizer to make your farts smell like lavenders
















Patent Information
Patent Number: US 6313371 B1
Patent Title: Flatulence deodorizer
Publication type: Grant
Publication date: 6 Nov 2001
Filing date: 12 Apr 2000
Priority date: 12 Apr 2000
Fee status: Paid
Inventors: Brian J Conant, Myra M Conant

ABSTRACT: The present invention 10 discloses a pad to be worn by a user 12 for absorbing gas due to flatulence. The pad is constructed of activated charcoal cloth 16 disposed between a pair of laminations or layers 18 having multiple perforations 20 therein. The method of use of the present invention is also simple. The pad 10 is non-intrusively taped inside briefs or panties 24 in the anal area using double-sided adhesive tape 28 and due to its slim profile, the wearer is comfortably unaware of its presence. A continuous roll or portion of double-sided tape 28 is provided with perforated section intended for tearing off for one time, disposable use with the washable and reusable filter pads 10. A double-compartment ziplocked plastic bag 33 is also provided for carrying and separating the tape and pads for sanitary purposes. This makes the present invention 10 a safe, effective, cost efficient, comfortable and least intrusive method of dealing with this embarrassing problem.