Patented collar for a pet snake

PatentYogi_Just walking the snakes using the patented collar for pet snakes!

There are many snake owners that do not spend much time handling their snakes. This is largely because they must hold them constantly while handling them for fear of losing control of them. Letting a snake go in a living room or outside can result in loss of the snake as it may slither into a crevice, hole, or other hideaway unnoticed making it difficult if not impossible to retrieve the snake.

As a result, most snakes are kept indoors year round under less than optimum lighting conditions (artificial light).

Standard animal collars such as designed for dogs and cats as well as other legged animals are not designed for the body style of a snake because the snake has no external appendages.

The patented collar apparatus enables a user to collar a snake securely such that it may be tethered and allowed to move about un-hindered in any area away from the snake’s enclosure.

Patent Information
Publication number: US6490999 B1
Patent Title: Collar apparatus enabling secure handling of a snake by tether
Publication date: 10 Dec 2002
Filing date: 29 Aug 2001
Priority date: 29 Aug 2001
Inventors: Donald Robert Martin Boys
Original Assignee: Central Coast Patent Agency, Inc.