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Walking dogs using drones

Image Credit: InsideHooK
Walking dogs using drones

Drones are going places. Now, people are using them to walk their dogs. It must come as a major relief for pet owners, as walking dogs take quite a bit of time on daily basis. So when they do not have time or they are not in the mood, they can just send the dog on a walk on a leash attached to a drone. If the dog misbehaves, the drone can just lift the dog and bring him home!

Just two years ago, people were thinking of using drones to walk their dogs. They wanted a drone to follow their dog while it went for a walk.

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Walking Dogs With Drones from Jeff Myers on Vimeo.

Automatic dog walkers were also seen in the movie – Back to the Future II

Image Credit: CineStyle

Image Credit: CineStyle


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