A unique reusable rocket



Patent Number: US 9073647
Patent Title: Space shuttle orbiter and return system
Inventors: Helou, Jr.; Elie (Santa Barbara, CA)
Assignee: Biosphere Aerospace LLC (Carpinteria, CA)
Family ID: 1000001197467
Appl. No.: 13/870,916
Filed: April 25, 2013

Abstract: A launch system comprises a nose section comprising a nose coupling surface, a tail section comprising a tail coupling surface facing the nose coupling surface and a mast coupling the nose and tail sections. The mast is configured to expand and retract to displace the nose and tail sections within a range of distances from one another. In a retracted state, the nose and tail sections are either structurally coupled to one another at the nose and tail coupling surfaces or structurally coupled to at least one integrated module located between the nose and the tail sections.