How Air Shark’s work

How Air Shark’s work

The patent reveals details of how these awesome toys work. This Air Shark contains two portions, one is this body, and one is the moving portion which is basically the tail fin. The body is made up of Mylar which is a special kind of stretchable polyester. It has high tensile strength, provides a good gas barrier, and it is very reflective. The body portion is filled up with helium so that the Air Shark can fly.

The tail fin is used for forwarding propulsion. You just need to perform a steady back and forth action on the remote, which wags the tail fin and propels the air shark. The tail fin also helps in the lateral motion control…holding the button to one side turns the air shark in that direction. The tail fin assembly is coupled to the body portion using elastic elements. These elastic elements serve a very important purpose.

First, they allow a very easy way to couple the tail fin to the body portion.

But more importantly, the elastic elements help to keep the rigidity of the body portion especially when some gas leaks from the body portion.

Another important part of Air Shark is this weight element which is coupled to the body portion using this I-beam. The weight element is moved along the I-beam to control the pitch of the air shark

This allows the air shark can ascend and descend.

Stabilizing airfoils like this and this are added to Air Shark for decoration and also for better lateral and vertical motion control.

All the nifty features that we just explained help to make this Airshark a much more enjoyable toy.

Patent Information
Publication number: US8303367 B2
Patent Title: Flying shark
Publication date: 6 Nov 2012
Filing date: 1 Nov 2011
Priority date: 6 Nov 2009
Inventors: Blake English
Original Assignee: William Mark Corporation


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