Apple patented an advanced Instagram


Apple patented an advanced Instagram

Apple’s invention modifies images automatically based on audio events, motion events, and location events. There is no need for users to select specific effect each time as required with Instagram.

Once a user clicks a photo, water reflection effect is triggered by background audio being played on the device. The audio distorts the reflection.

Alternatively, background audio triggers a zoom-in and zoom-out effect.

Motion of the device triggers image modification, such as spiral effect or brush strokes effect.

Further, the invention automatically applies image alteration effect based on location of the device, for example, at home red color is overlayed on the photo and at office blue color is overlayed on the photo.

Patent Info:

United States Patent – 8,933,960

Title – Image alteration techniques

Various techniques relating to the alteration of image data are provided herein. In generally, disclosed embodiments may provide techniques for applying on or more image alteration effects to image data that is displayed on an electronic device. In certain disclosed embodiments, the application of such image alteration effects may be triggered based upon various detected device operation events, which may include audio-related events, motion-related events, location-related events, and/or events relating the imaging properties. The selection of a triggering device event and a corresponding image alteration affect may be defined by a user through a set of user preference settings on the electronic device.

Inventors: Lindahl; Aram, Chiu; Kelvin
Assignee: Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA)
January 13, 2015