Anti-reflection nanostructure arry and method

Boeing patents an anti-reflection layer using nanostructures.

Boeing has invented a new anti-reflection layer that can make objects like windows, display screens and solar cells virtually free from optical reflections. The invention uses an array of spiky nanostructures layered on an optical substrate. The nanostructures are wider at the base and taper along their length making them look like a landscape of spikes. The lower base portions of the nanostructure are contiguous with each other resulting in almost no interstitial space in between them. This prevents the optical substrate from being exposed and leads to greater anti-reflection effect.
















Patent Information

Publication number: US9207363
Patent Title: Anti-reflection nanostructure array and method
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 13/873,320
Publication date: 08 Dec 2015
Filing date: 30 Apr 2013
Inventors: Michael F. Stoia; Authi A. Narayanan; Stephen K. Wilcken
Original Assignee: The Boeing Company

1 US9207363