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Patent Information:

Patent Number: 9,077,866
Patent Title: Video system and methods for operating a video system

Inventors: Aagaard; Kenneth John (Guttenberg, NJ), Barbatsoulis; Larry (Long Beach, NY), Trizano; Frank (Scarsdale, NY), Farrell; Craig Matthew (Little Rock, AR)
Assignee: DISNEY ENTERPRISES, INC. (Burbank, CA)
Family ID: 1000001201362
Appl. No.: 14/157,087
Filed: January 16, 2014

Abstract: A multiple camera video system and methods for operating such a system. The system may include a plurality of cameras located around a stadium, athletic playing field or other location. The cameras are remotely controlled in a master-slave configuration. A camera operator at a master pan head selects one of the plurality of cameras as the current master camera and utilizes the master pan head to adjust the telemetry and zoom of the master camera to follow the target object. The telemetry and zoom parameters of the master camera are then used to calculate corresponding telemetry, zoom and/or other parameters for each of the plurality of slave cameras. Video captured by each of the cameras is stored for the production of replay video feeds or for archiving. The replays may be capable of “spinning” through the video feeds of adjacent cameras in order for the viewer to get the sensation of revolving around the target object. The multiple camera video system also includes methods for calibrating the system.