Disney invents “paintcopter”

Disney invents “paintcopter”

Disney has invented a drone-based painting system or a paintcopter.  The paintcopter (as shown in the figure below) has a support arm, with a paint nozzle at one end. The nozzle is moved through connected motors. A 3D map of a surface to be painted is sent to the paintcopter, along with painting instructions. Then, a controller of the drone operates the nozzle based on the painting instructions. The drone also keeps capturing information like position and altitude to maintain the desired positioning while painting. The rotors are covered by enclosures to protect the paint supply lines while painting.

Although Disney has specified the paintcopter to be used for painting large uneven structures like 3D sculptures, and amusement park rides in parks, it’s not difficult to imagine the drone painting large buildings very quickly. The paintcopter could also be used to draw cool graffiti over structures.

We can’t wait for the paintcopter to revolutionize painting. What do you think?

Patent Information
Publication Number: US20190127064A1
Patent Title: Drone-Based Painting System
Publication date: 2019-05-02
Filing date: 2017-10-31
Inventors: Paul a. Beardsley; Mina Samir Fekry Kamel; Nikola Stilinovic; Anurag Sai Vempati;
Assignee: Disney Enterprises Inc.