Disney to provide "kiss cam" type experience to visitors of their theme parks

Disney’s theme parks are awesome. Now , Disney plans to make them even more engaging for people travelling along with their family or friends.

Disney plans to create zones in its theme parks. These zones will be physical areas where guests approach, participate in, and leave an interactive experience (for example – a Merry-Go-Round ride).

Disney will use some kind of identification technology (e.g., RFID, image recognition, etc.) to detect and identify group guests in these zones.

PatentYogi_Disney to provide "kiss cam" typer of experience to visitors of theme parks

When a guest group is in an experience zone, the system will then automatically trigger the interactive experiences for the members of the group. For example, during a ride, members of a group are shown images of each other. This makes the ride all the more fun. It will be kind of kiss-cam experience.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 9,383,730
Patent Title: Zone based identification for interactive experiences
Publication date: Jul 5, 2016
Filing date: Jul 29, 2013
Inventors: Kyle J. Prestenback;
Original Assignee: Disney Enterprises, Inc.