eBay is revolutionizing the way we do our laundry. It will be a huge stress buster

Doing laundry is often voted to be the most frustrating chore and rightly so.


Most clothing items include labels with printed information describing a manner in which the item should be laundered. For example, these labels include information such as “wash with like colors,” “do not iron,” or “dry-clean only.” Failure to follow the provided laundering instructions often results in the item being damaged or destroyed.


However, most users treat these labels as terms and conditions on a website. No one basically reads them as laborious (and boring) effort is involved in checking each label in a load of laundry. Further, the printed information on the labels often fades over time making compliance with laundering instructions even more difficult. Therefore, the warnings on the labels regularly go unheeded.

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

eBay has now come to our rescue by providing intelligent laundering alerts. eBay has invented intelligent garment tags that are affixed to clothing items. These tags store and provide warning information about an item to which it is affixed.


These tags also provide laundering alerts (e.g., a flashing or colored light, a warning noise, or a vibration) to assist launderers in the laundering process. For example, the laundering alerts assist launderers in sorting garments by color.


Further, these laundering alerts help to prevent using a laundering device that may damage clothing by providing an alert when the garment is placed near the laundering device. For example, the intelligent garment tag flashes a colored light if the garment is incompatible with a laundering device.

This technology will be of huge help to everyone. Also, the technology allows even young people to quickly sort laundry. More importantly, home robots will be able to use this technology to totally automate your laundry chores in future.


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