Elissor has patented an improved version of Google glass

Elissor has patented an improved version of Google glass. This glass provides augmented vision to spectacle wearers who also require optical correction for their vision. The glass has optical curvature to provide the required ophthalmic prescription. In addition, an insert within the glass provides a reflective surface for projecting and displaying content overlaid on the normal view of the wearer. Since the light paths of real objects and the visual display are different, there is a difference in convergence. To correct for this, the invention uses additional curvature to the rear part of the glass. As a result, the images of real objects and the displayed content are simultaneously clear.











Patent Information
Publication number: US 9223147
Patent Title: Spectacle lens providing ophthalmic vision and an additional vision
Application number: US 13/131,0209
Publication date: 29 Dec 2015
Filing date: 23 Nov 2009
Inventors: Guillot; Matthieu
Original Assignee: Essilor International

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