Ford Inflatable Bike

Ford is one of the most innovative car companies.

Lately, they have been inventing various types of foldable bikes. Packaging bicycles in or on a vehicle during transportation creates difficulties.

This week they received a patent for an inflatable bike.

The bike frame includes inflatable sections which can be selectively inflated and deflated.

The inflatable segments are configured to be flexible when deflated so that, can be folded for storage; for example, in the boot of a car.

When required, the inflatable sections are inflated to a selected pressure to tune the suspension characteristics of the frame .

Bike includes an air pump or a CO2 catridge to inflate the various segments.

The patented bike offers much better solution for bikers as compared to using after-market racks to mount bikes on cars. The after-market racks are expensive, time consuming to mount and they also also disrupt airflow around the vehicle during travel, thereby decreasing fuel economy of the vehicle.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 9334007
Patent Title: Bicycle including frame with inflatable segments
Publication date: 10 May 2016
Filing date: 7 May 2014
Inventors: Johannes Huennekens; Lauri Mikael Ohra-aho; Samuel Ellis; Greg Foletta;
Applicant: Ford Global Technologies, LLC