Ford plans to include a mirage roof in their cars

Moonroofs are quite popular among car owners, as they increase the amount of natural light that enters the passenger compartment. Further, in good weather, the moonroof can open to improve airflow in the passenger compartment. 

Image Credit: Ford
Image Credit: Ford

However, accommodating the moonroof often includes redesigning the roof structure. It involves removing cross-members in the roof, resulting in a reduced structural support. Therefore, the roof is reinforced in other areas to compensate for the reduction in structural support. 

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Ford has developed a mirage roof, as an alternate to moonroofs. Mirage roof simulates an opening in the roof. It includes a camera to capture a live video feed of a view above a car. Further, a display panel is attached an interior roof surface. The display panel displays the live video feed of the view above the car in real time inside the car.


When the ambient light is not desired, the display panel may be turned off to simulate the effect of closing a moonroof shade. Moreover, the display panel may have different sections that can be independently illuminated to, e.g., illuminate different areas of the passenger compartment.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160250969
Patent Title: Vehicle mirage roof
Publication date: 1 Sep 2016
Filing date: 26 Feb 2015
Inventors: Adrian Nania;
Original Assignee: Ford Global Technologies, LLC