Fujitsu patents granted on 01 April 2014

44 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

18,689,342Data protecting device
28,689,332Information processing apparatus cooperating with virus management function device, and anti-virus method
38,689,167Layout design apparatus and layout design method
48,689,091Data transmitting device, data receiving device, data transmitting/receiving device, and controlling method of data transmitting/receiving device
58,689,035Communication system, communication interface, and synchronization method
68,689,030Electronic apparatus with display and display controller
78,688,952Arithmetic processing unit and control method for evicting an entry from a TLB to another TLB
88,688,902Method and system for processing access control lists using an exclusive-or sum-of-products evaluator
98,688,863Information processing apparatus for conducting security processing and security processing method
108,688,428Performance evaluation device, performance evaluation method and simulation program
118,688,117Seamless handover and load balance between macro base stations and publicly accessible femto base stations
128,688,041Methods and apparatus for secure, portable, wireless and multi-hop data networking
138,688,031Radio base station, relay station, radio communication system and radio communication method
148,687,982OSNR measuring device and optical communication system
158,687,935Optical fiber module and method of making optical fiber module
168,687,907Image processing apparatus and image processing method
178,687,889Form image managing system and form image managing method
188,687,846Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable information recording medium
198,687,730Wireless device and communication control program
208,687,729Radio device, communication control method, and radio communication system
218,687,713Optimum radio communication method with radio frame variable control and radio communication system using the same
228,687,655Signal demultiplexer, signal multiplexer, and signal multiplexer/demultiplexer
238,687,646Method and apparatus for bit and power allocation, and communication system
248,687,637Communication control method and relay device
258,687,498Routing device, method, and program
268,687,496Base station, mobile station, communication system, and reordering method thereof
278,687,456Multi-port memory based on DRAM core
288,687,454Semiconductor storage apparatus and semiconductor integrated circuit
298,687,433Memory control circuit and memory circuit
308,687,365Electronic device, rack system having the same, and method for notifying abnormality
318,687,222Image data buffer apparatus and data transfer system for efficient data transfer
328,687,105Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and recording medium including a focal length adjustment unit
338,686,915Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus
348,686,835Baggage arrangement management method and carrying apparatus
358,686,817Electromagnetic relay
368,686,797Phase locked loop circuit and communication device
378,686,794Amplifying apparatus
388,686,791Amplifying apparatus and distortion compensation method
398,686,775Piecewise linear phase interpolator
408,686,588Device arrangement comprising an electronic device and a power adapter and method for connecting a power adapter
418,686,501Semiconductor device with high voltage transistor
428,686,499Semiconductor device
438,685,758Thermoelectric conversion module and method of restoring the same
448,685,265Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus


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