Google is reinventing the keyboard


Google is reinventing the keyboard.

Google’s patent discloses a new keyboard format that is specially suited for two-thumb typing which is becoming a popular text-entry mechanism on touchscreen keyboards.

The graphical keyboard includes a first and a second subset of keys. The first and second subsets of keys are arranged to form a first shape and a second shape that enclose a first and a second central area of the graphical keyboard, respectively.

The location of keys is generally consistent with a position of a key for the letter a QWERTY-style keyboard.

Patent Information
Publication number: US9262075
Patent Title: Thumb typing keyboard
Publication type: Grant
Publication date: 16 Feb 2016
Filing date: 3 Jul 2014
Inventors: Xiaojun Bi; Shumin Zhai;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.