Google patents a safer package delivery technology

Google is batting big on automated delivery systems like drone delivery. Here is another patent from Google on an automated delivery system.

Image Credit - BidnessEtc
Image Credit – BidnessEtc

Drones and other delivery devices like pods can reach near the destination address using various technologies like GPS. However, they will find it difficult to recognize a safe place to deliver a package. For example, leaving the package on the front porch of a busy street address may make it more likely that the package is stolen.

Image Credit - 4ième Révolution
Image Credit – 4ième Révolution

Google’s system uses delivery receptacles (electronically controlled boxes) installed at each address; for example, residential addresses. The delivery receptacles beam IR signals indicating their exact location. A delivery device near a particular address receives and uses these IR signals to identify and reach near the delivery receptacle. It then positions a package within the delivery receptacle, which then securely stores the package. The delivery receptacle also sends a message to the receiver about the safe reception of the package.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160117934
Publication date: 28 Apr 2016
Filing date: 11 Dec 2015
Inventors: Varun Soundararajan; Anurag Agrawal;
Applicant: GOOGLE INC.