Google invents one-click offline buying

Amazon filed a patent application for its one-click buying system for online transactions in 1997.  Since, then the patent has potentially generated billions in revenue.  Apple is one of the licenses of the patent as it uses one-click buying in iTunes.

However, an offline version of one-click buying still eludes us.  That is till now.  A recent patent application from Google discloses a one-click system for offline buying.

The contactless payment technology has been developed. It incorporates proximity communications between two devices to authenticate and enable payment for goods and services over the air (OTA) or without physical connection. Near Field Communication (NFC) and RFID are examples of proximity communication options that can enable contactless payment technologies.


However, the existing contactless payment technology is not integrated with NFC mobile device communication elements.  As a result, a user must maneuver through multiple activating steps to initiate a payment transaction. For example, the mobile device must not only be turned “on” but must also be “active.” A user must unlock their mobile device and launch a contactless payment application, such as an electronic wallet application. Within the application, the user must signal an intent to initiate a payment and enter security information such as a personal identification number. The user must also select a payment option, such as a particular credit card, to use in the payment transaction. The majority of these steps must be repeated for each payment transaction. 

Google has invented a system that integrates contactless payment technology with the mobile device’s contactless communication systems and streamlines the process by which a user can securely initiate payment transactions. 


The system allows for initiating a contactless payment transaction using a single input activation of a mobile device’s secure element comprises detecting the activation status of the mobile device’s screen.  The contactless communication system of the device is inactive while the device’s screen is inactive. The contactless communication system may include an NFC controller and NFC antenna. Upon detection of screen activation, the contactless communication system and the secure element are activated.  Thereafter, a single-click from a user completes the payment.  The single-click input automatically identifies the default payment information, and prepares the default payment information for communication to a merchant reader terminal via the mobile device contactless communication system. 

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160321648
Patent Title: One-Click Offline Buying
Publication date: 3 Nov 2016
Filing date: 8 Jul 2016
Inventors: Jonathan Wall; Rob von Behren; Raymond Emmett Colline, II;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.