Hitachi patents granted on 01 April 2014

39 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

18,688,950Mainframe storage apparatus that utilizes thin provisioning
28,688,941System and method for controlling automated page-based tier management in storage systems
38,688,939Storage system and storage subsystem
48,688,932Virtual computer system and method of controlling the same
58,688,916Storage system and data processing method using cache memory
68,688,909Storage apparatus and data management method
78,688,632Information processing system and method of controlling the same
88,688,484Method and system for managing computer resource in system
98,688,359Idle stop control method and control device
108,687,921Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
118,687,758Method for managing internal equipment in reactor pressure vessel and apparatus thereof
128,687,644Packet transfer device
138,687,643Data transmission device
148,687,374Electronic controller for vehicle
158,687,319Magnetic recording apparatus with magnetic recording head capable of recording information on a magnetic recording medium
168,687,309Magnetic recording media and magnetic recording system
178,687,263Light control film
188,687,148Liquid crystal display device
198,686,827PTC element and heating-element module
208,686,694Discharge circuit for smoothing capacitor of DC power supply
218,686,675Power tool
228,686,383Object holding apparatus, and inspection apparatus
238,686,380Charged particle beam apparatus
248,686,360Micro-sample processing method, observation method and apparatus
258,686,352Systems and computer program products for mass spectrometry
268,686,293Silane-crosslinked polyolefin insulated wire
278,686,291Insulating varnish and insulated wire formed by using the same
288,685,872Low softening point glass composition, bonding material using same and electronic parts
298,685,866Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
308,685,573Cathode active material and lithium ion rechargeable battery using the material
318,685,556Electricity storage module
328,685,536Polyamide-imide resin insulating coating material, insulated wire and method of making the same
338,685,316Ni-based heat resistant alloy, gas turbine component and gas turbine
348,685,220Capillary electrophoresis apparatus
358,684,702Variable displacement pump
368,684,473Gear pump and gear pump for brake apparatus
378,684,148Disc brake
388,684,106Battery pack and motor-driven tool using the same
398,683,864Micro electro mechanical system


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