IBM invents eye-wear to compensate for a bad eye

This patent application from IBM reveals an eyewear that is capable of capturing images and directly projecting them onto the retina of the eye. It is intended for use by people who may have impaired vision in one of their eyes. The eyewear includes a pair of cameras to capture images as the two eyes of a user would see them. This is done by using eye tracking technology which detects a direction of gaze of each eye of the user. The images captured by the left and right camera are then stitched together to form a wide-screen image with a larger field of view. The wide-screen image is then projected onto the good eye of the user. This allows the user to perceive the visual information missing due to the bad eye.



















Patent Information
Publication number: US 20150359681A1
Patent Title: Non-Invasive Vision Enhancement
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 14/305481
Publication date: 17 Dec 2015
Filing date: 16 Jun 2015
Inventors: Judith H. Bank; Liam Harpur; Patrick J. O’Sullivan; Lin Sun;
Original Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

7 US20150359681