Infinite projector display invented by IBM

Image Credit – Texas Instruments

Handheld projectors, particularly those integrated into smartphones, are in vogue. The ability to project screens on objects like tables, sheets of paper etc. On the go is a fantastic feature. But the size of the display is heavily limited due to miniaturization. While most users may have swallowed this deficiency as a bitter pill, IBM has rebelled against it to come up with a projector display that is virtually limitless in size.

The invention is capable of displaying a virtual desktop that is much larger (potentially infinite) than the actual size of the projector display. The invention uses sensors to detect position and orientation of the handheld projector in relation to a surface on which the display is projected. It then determines what part of the virtual desktop is to be displayed.

Although the actual size of the display at any given time may be small as in other existing devices, by moving the handheld projector to another area of the surface, new content is displayed there.



It seems as if the entire surface is laden with content but is invisible until the handheld projector is brought over a portion. In effect, the handheld projector functions as if it’s a torch that can be shined over large invisible object, uncovering its features where the light falls.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160110099
Patent Title: Boundless Projected Interactive Virtual Desktop
Publication date: 21 Apr 2016
Filing date: 21 Oct 2014
Inventors: Jonathan F. Brunn;
Applicant: International Business Machines Corporation