Patent reveals technology behind Nike's Self-lacing shoes

Last year, Nike demonstrated their self-lacing shoes. Similar motorized footwear was first shown in the iconic movie – Back to the future. Movie showed various other futuristic products like Flying cars and Even hoverboards.

Nike got Michael J. Fox, who played the character of Marty McFly in the movie, to try these shoes. He seems to have liked them. If you saw the movie, when you were a kid, you will find this incredibly cute. Michael J. Fox is quite a charming character. I mean just look at him. It’s a bitch that he suffers from Parkinsons.

Anyways, getting back to the topic at hand

Recently, Nike patented the self-lacing system used in these shoes. Nike plans to sell the shoes later this year, so the patent came out at appropriate time.

The technology behind this shoe includes a motorized tensioning system, a power source to power the motor and a controlling unit. When you step in, your heel hit a sensor, which activates the tensioning system which in turn automatically tightens the laces. The motor basically rolls the laces on a spool. Similarly the tension is release when you sit or you want to remove your shoes

So it is basically very simple technology. One wonders how come hoverboards were demonstrated earlier than these self-lacing shoes.

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Patent Information
Publication number: US9326566 B2
Patent Title: Footwear having coverable motorized adjustment system
Application number: US 14/253,102
Publication date: 3 May 2016
Filing date: 15 Apr 2014
Priority date: 15 Apr 2014
Inventors: Tiffany A. Beers, Wilson W. Smith, III
Original Assignee: Nike, Inc.