Patented wireless charging shelf helps fight "black spaghetti". I need this in every room of my house.

PatentYogi_Wireless charging-shelf_US 9,124,105

With the proliferation of electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, handheld email and text messaging devices, handheld or pocket PCs, and the like, there exists an ongoing need to recharge the batteries in these devices on a regular and ongoing basis. The proliferation of these rechargeable electronic devices create a great deal of clutter in one’s living space or office space that, when combined with charging cords, cradles, interface cords, and the like, can become unmanageable or at the least create disorganization.

Recently wireless charging mats have been manufactured that claim to eliminate the clutter associated with chargers and cords; this clutter fondly known by some as “black spaghetti”. It is an object of the present invention to provide a wireless charging shelf for electronic devices that eliminates the electronic clutter found on many counter, desk and other surfaces.

Patent Information
Patent Number: US 9,124,105
Patent Title: Wireless charging shelf

Inventors: Gunderman; Bryce Robert (Honeoye Falls, NY), Gunderman; Robert Dale (Honeoye Falls, NY)
Family ID: 1000001313145
Appl. No.: 12/961,691
Filed: December 7, 2010

Abstract: A wireless charging shelf is described where a charging surface with a wireless power transmission structure is coupled with an electrical connector, providing a truly wireless charging solution. The wireless charging shelf may have a plug for installation in an electrical receptacle, or may be part of a cover plate for replacing an existing cover plate with a wireless charging shelf cover plate.

Claim 1: A wireless power transmission charging shelf comprising: a plug having electrical contacts for insertion into an electrical receptacle; a charging surface formed as a shelf and comprising a wireless power transmission radiating structure within said charging surface; said charging surface assembled into said plug to create a charging surface and plug assembly that allows an electronic device to safely rest on top of the charging surface formed as a shelf without the necessity of a connector or external wire separating the plug and charging surface to provide contactless charging of said electronic device; wherein the plug is incapable of rotating with respect to the charging surface to allow the electronic device to safely rest on the charging surface; a power circuit contained within said charging surface and plug assembly, said power circuit being electrically coupled to said wireless power transmission radiating structure; and electrical connections contained within said charging surface and plug assembly for electrically connecting said power circuit contained within the charging surface and plug assembly to the electrical contacts of the plug.