Sphero received a patent for its cool BB-8 inspired magnetic toy!

Sphero has developed a ball which includes an internal drive system with motors coupled to wheels engaged with the inner surface of the ball. The wheels are continuously engaged with the inner surface to allow for power to the motors to be transferred to the inner surface of the ball. This causes the self-propelled ball to roll and maneuver along a surface.

Image Credit - Sphero
Image Credit – Sphero

The ball also includes magnetic interactive components inside the ball. An external accessory is magnetically couple to the ball. The external accessory is shaped like head of BB-8, as shown below.

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Image Credit - Sphero
Image Credit – Sphero

The ball is able roll and maneuver while the external accessory remains under magnetic interaction with the magnetically interactive components within the ball. The accessory device remains within a constant relative portion or area on the exterior surface of the spherical housing (e.g., a top portion) as the self-propelled device rolls.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 9342073
Patent Title: Self propelled device with magnetic coupling
Publication date: May 17, 2016
Filing date: Apr 20, 2015
Inventors: Ian H. Bernstein; Adam Wilson; Chun Kong; Ross MacGregor;
Original Assignee: Sphero, Inc.


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