These patented guardian angel drones will follow and monitor your car

A company has invented a guardian angel for cars in the form of drones. The technology proposed in the patent application shows a drone that is capable of following a car and constantly providing it with information to ensure its safety. The drone is designed to be paired with the car and fly ahead of the car to collect environmental and traffic information on the planned route. The drone then relays this information back to the car to help decide an alternative route if required. The drone can also fly on a different route from that of the car to pick up cargo and bring it back to the car while both are in motion. So you won’t have to be forced to change a route just because you need to pick up something on the way. This drone will do it for you!














Patent Information
Publication number: US 20150370251
Patent Title: Method and system for drone deliveries to vehicles in route
Application number: US 14/310261
Publication date: 24 Dec 2015
Filing date: 20 Jun 2014
Inventors: Siegel; Robert S.
Original Assignee: HTI, IP, L.L.C.