Wow. Someone patented a method to decrease intensity of hurricanes using submarines



Patent No: 9,078,402
Patent Title: System and method for decreasing the intensity and frequency of tropical storms or hurricanes
Inventors: Sirovich; Lawrence (New York, NY)
Family ID: 1000001210322
Appl. No.: 13/610,345
Filed: September 11, 2012

Abstract: Submarines are provided with bluff-shaped surfaces and/or fins used for modification of tropical storms or hurricanes by mixing the upper layer of a section of a body of water with water from a lower section of the body of water. By coordinating a number of submarines to traverse a region of a tropical storm or ahead of a hurricane the cooled water reduces the amount of heat energy available to fuel the intensity and movement of storms. A perforated plate of approximately 100 m.times.100 m is used, with or without fins, to mix layers of water by creating sufficient turbulence to create eddies up to 50 m. Submarines are used to entrain fluid motion to induce anti-cyclonic vorticity in the body of water.