A Concise Guide to Making Working from Home Substantially Easier

A Concise Guide to Making Working from Home Substantially Easier

Whether you have been working from home ever since you first started at the company, or else your role has changed in recent years to encompass both hybrid and remote working, as well as in a traditional office setting, it is surprising how different it can feel.

To help you successfully adapt to your new home set-up, continue reading to discover a concise guide to making working from home substantially easier and more enjoyable.

Upgrade Your Tech

Firstly and frankly, most importantly, to be able to be as productive as you possibly can be when working from home and as a way of wasting neither your own time nor the company’s, is to upgrade the technology you use in your home.

Conduct research into affordable, yet higher-spec laptops, tablets, and even smartphones to see where you could improve the equipment you are using and make sure you take a good look at your current broadband arrangement and see how latency affects your internet connection at home.

It would also be pertinent to point out that your employers may well be more than willing to provide you with new technology and equipment, so be sure to enquire as to whether this is a possibility, as it could save you a lot of time and money.

Tactfully Make Your Family Understand You Are Working

For some people, especially those who are working in a role whereby there is simply never an opportunity to stay at home and work, they can be critical as to the nature of the work hybrid team members complete and often assume they have it ‘easier’.

Although the lack of commuting time and the eliminated necessity of having to be dressed in a shirt and tie in the morning are obvious benefits, it can become frustrating and even stressful when your family members share the same view.

Make it clear, tactfully of course, that between the hours of say, nine to five, every day (obviously these times will vary depending on your role), as soon as you close the door to your home office or study, you are essentially ‘at work’ and must only be disturbed in an emergency (or to be brought fresh coffee).

Tailor-Make Remote Working to Your Strengths

If your role has now turned into one which is based on permanently working from home, then your employers have the trust and value in you and your work that they know you will complete each task to the best of your ability.

This is why another hugely beneficial tip when wanting to make working from home both easier and more enjoyable is to determine a routine that works for you. Consider those times when you absolutely must be free to either phone or video call your boss or other members of the team and also the times of day you know you are most productive.

Other considerations include remembering to schedule a time to converse and communicate with clients and customers, should your role involve such communication.