Will Mom Be Really Irreplaceable With Huawei’s Robot Mother ?

Will Mom Be Really Irreplaceable With Huawei’s Robot Mother ?

How about a robot mother for your kids? Don’t be surprised, because this recent patent from Huawei describes a robot mother, especially an education robot for children. Upon analysing the behaviour, actions, and habits of your child, the robot mom presents the content accordingly to please the child.

The robot mother is controlled by a parent or a guardian and the content shown to the child is approved by them only. The robot mother after determining the requirements of the child and the parent help with the growth of the child. The robot shares content that interests the child.

This robot mother invention by HuaweiTM is a competition for existing child robots that only perform simple voice and behaviour interaction like a simple movement, conversation or storytelling but cannot perform machine learning for an object that interests the child. It is difficult for the existing robots to emotionally interact with children and also assist in their growth. The robot mother by Huawei is a great innovation for a proper emotional connection with the child that may help them grow into a better individual.

Robot Mother

To take it further, let’s see how this robot mother works. Further, a parent or guardian may be referred to as a companion object while the child is the target object. The robot mother detects and collects information of the companion object, the target object and also the emotional information when the child interacts with the parent or guardian. The robot mother may include sensors like a camera, acceleration sensor, and a gyroscope. The robot collects information in the form of an image, a video or the voice of the parent using the sensors. Further, the robot mother will extract the emotion information of the child like joyfulness, fear or disgust. The robot mother may capture behavioural reactions associated with the companion object that makes the child sad or happy or in certain cases cause a very slight reaction. Based on the changing interests of the child, the robot mother will determine the attitude of child or degree of interest of the child in a particular person, or an object. The robot mother may simulate the parent to interact with the child to collect behavioural data. Similarly, when the child likes a particular object (such as cartoon), the robot mother will create simulated object data corresponding to the particular object (such as a cartoon figure). The robot mother will then simulate the cartoon figure to interact with the child and help with the growth and learning of the kid.

This clearly shows how this amazing robot mom selects the content that interests the child and intriguingly communicates with them. Furthermore, the robot mother simulates the parent to interact with the child, when the parent is temporarily absent.
Therefore, the robot mother may prove to be a great invention indeed for the parents and children for effective learning and growth using machine learning.

Patent Information
Publication Number: US20190337157A1
Patent Title: Robot, server, and human-machine interaction method
Publication date: 2019-11-07
Filing date: 2019-06-28
Inventors: Wenhua Sun, Jiali FuHeng Liao, Huimin Zhang
Assignee: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd


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