3 Must-Have Technologies for the Modern Workplace

3 Must-Have Technologies for the Modern Workplace

Many people believe technology is taking over our jobs, when in fact, they’re here to make our jobs easier. There are many technologies on the market today that are streamlining mundane processes so employees can focus more on the task at hand. But many employers aren’t used to change, which can leave them in the dust if competitors hop on board the technology bandwagon.

If you’re a business owner looking to grow your company, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find three must-have technologies every business owner needs to modernize their company and bring it into the future. This means increased productivity, efficiency, and profits. Take a look!

1. Collaboration tools

No longer are offices equipped with cubicles and separate spaces. Collaboration is key when it comes to being innovative and a leader in your industry. With that said, you need to invest in collaboration tools that allow teams to communicate with each other. Sending an email can get lost in spam or take a recipient hours, or even days, to respond.

Instant messaging systems, such as Slack, allow you to build channels for numerous teams where they can share ideas and collaborate. Technology like this can boost employee engagement and increase productivity. Even better, this instant communication can be done without noisy conversations distracting other workers, as it’s done behind a screen.

2. Cloud-based software

Understanding the cloud can be confusing. In basic terms, the cloud is where your computer’s software and services are run on the internet, rather than your computer. For example, a few years ago, you would have to store files such as Word documents and photos on your computer’s hard drive. If someone wanted access to those files, you would either have to upload them and send them via email or give them access to your computer.

The cloud gets rid of this hassle. Cloud-based software allows multiple people to have access to a single document across a variety of devices, whether a computer, tablet or smartphone. Google Docs is an example of a cloud-based service. Workers can create a single document and share access to certain individuals. Once they have access, multiple people can contribute to the document at the same time.

This isn’t the only example of what the cloud can do. PTO cloud tax software, for example, allows you to securely complete your business’s taxes with a tax professional, rather than going to a professional in person and filling out forms. A more exciting example is music streaming services. A company perk you can offer is a free subscription to a music streaming service, where employees can create playlists and listen to their favorite artists without having to download music files and videos onto their phone or device.

3. The Internet of Things (IoT)

If you really want to bring your company into the future, invest in the internet of things. Simply put, the IoT connects everyday objects to the internet. These objects, often smart home devices, can be the coffee machine in the break room, the thermostat on the third floor, or the status of whether a conference room is booked or not.

This “system of systems” can create an intelligent workspace that streamlines the everyday processes of your employees. Let’s say they’re running late to a meeting but are in dire need of a caffeine boost. They can go on Slack and send a message to the coffee machine to begin pouring a cup of coffee. On their way, they can quickly grab their coffee and make it to the meeting on time.

On a more productive level, the IoT can connect employees and track them while they’re in the office. So, if one team member is looking for another, they can quickly look where they are rather than going on a hunt throughout the entire office building.

The IoT can also be used to adjust the lighting, which comes in handy for presentations, adjust the temperature, which is great for satisfying clients, and keep track of the items in the kitchen to make sure your office never runs out of snacks. In the long run, this technology can save you money and time, which is always great for business.

Wrapping up

Bringing your company into the future with technology will reap many benefits. Above all, technology can turn workplaces into productive centers where employees are engaged, communicative, and motivated. These attributes will mean your business will be able to get more work done with less time wasted.