The Technology You Need as a Modern Contractor in 2020

The Technology You Need as a Modern Contractor in 2020

Working in construction and manufacturing in the modern era is all about harnessing the mightiest and most effective technology on the market. Older methods, though tried and tested, are quickly becoming redundant as new and digitally-enhanced products hit the market, bringing contractors well and truly into a new era of technological prowess.

In this article, you’ll learn about the key products and technologies presently on the market that can help you build up your toolkit, enhancing your ability to trade competitively in 2020 and beyond.

Smartphone-Enabled Tools

Your smartphone isn’t just a communication device when you’re working on jobs across different sites and alongside different customers. It’s also a key technology to help you plan your working hours, assess your sites and the priorities they contain, and monitor your tools. All of this can be achieved through contractor apps, available for free download, or download at a nominal fee.

To research these apps, and to find those apps that work best for you, you need to head onto the internet, and into industry journals and magazines, to see what the world’s leading experts are advocating in 2020. Amongst the most impressive and helpful tools are those that help you plan out the measurements and layouts of household interiors – an excellent aid to those contractors without qualifications in surveying.

High-Spec Tools

While the digital age has encouraged new ways to live, learn, play and work, digital technology is not the only area in which there’s been some heady and exciting progress in the past decade. In the realm of high-spec tools – the type you need to weld and affix materials safely, for instance – there’s been a concerted scientific push to bring out the best-quality products in 2020.

Amongst these are a range of hot air tools, such as Leister, that make welding and joining far easier, more efficient, and more sustainable. These tools not only cut down the time that you spend on the job, hence providing a healthy return on your investment over time; they also present you, as a private contractor, as a professional, cutting-edge individual – excellent for your personal branding.

Eco-Friendly Tech

With so much attention paid to the climate crisis in 2020, the push for individuals, businesses and governments to become more environmentally friendly looks only set to become stronger this decade. As a private contractor, it’s worth spending the time now to explore methods by which you can reduce your carbon footprint through the use of new and emerging technologies.

If you’re able to confidently market yourself and your private enterprise as eco-conscious, you’ll be able to win construction deals and jobs from those individuals whose concern for the climate is greater than their concern about costs. Technologies that help you cut your emissions – like solar panels and wind turbines – are a great fit for builders who charge their tools at home. Meanwhile, any tool released that cuts waste will help reduce the carbon footprint of your activities each time you hit a new site.

These three key areas of emerging technology will help you harness the power of the new to help your business in 2020 and beyond.