Anand Kamal

Offshore Partners


Anand is a visionary leader in IP services outsourcing domain. His contribution to IP services includes establishing best practices, outlining project management and execution methodologies, and spearheading automation of analytics services using technology solutions.

Anand has a wide variety of IP experience including consulting, execution and management of transactional IP services and complex IP processes. He has acquired extensive experience in patent analysis by executing patent analytics, licensing and competitive intelligence studies for a variety of companies and technologies. Anand has successfully executed and led a number of IP search projects including validity/invalidity searches, FTO searches, patentability searches, gap/white space analysis etc. He has consulted a number of clients on different aspects of IP lifecycle including R&D strategy, IP creation/acquisition, IP management, IP monetization and IP litigation.

 Anand leads a number of accounts providing patent drafting and office action response services to fortune 100 companies.

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