Edison was issued two patents this day in 1912 - This Day in Patent History

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On August 20, 1912, Edison received U.S. patent No. 1036470 for a “Phonographic Apparatus,” and patent No. 1036471 for a “Storage Battery”

Phonograph is a device for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. In its later forms it is was called a gramophone.

Here is a boy with his toy record player in 1920s.

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Edison established Edison Storage Battery Company in New Jersey in 1901, to develop, manufacture, and sell Thomas Edison’s alkaline storage battery. Edison spent a lot of time and effort in developing a storage battery that he intended for use in electric automobiles. It took him a decade to develop a commercially viable iron-nickel battery. The battery found an extensive market for his battery in a variety of industrial uses. It became the most successful product of his later life.


The battery company was sold to the Exide Battery Corporation in 1972.

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Patent Information
Publication number: US1036470 A
Patent Title: Phonographic apparatus
Publication date: Aug 20, 1912
Filing date: Nov 3, 1909
Priority date: Nov 3, 1909
Inventors: Thomas A Edison
Original Assignee: Edison Inc Thomas A


Patent Information
Publication number: US1036471 A
Patent Title: Storage battery
Publication date: Aug 20, 1912
Filing date: Jun 6, 1910
Priority date: Jun 6, 1910
Inventors: Thomas A Edison
Original Assignee: Edison Storage Battery Co