First Japanese patent was issued this day in 1885 - This Day in Patent History

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On August 14, 1885, the first Japanese patent was issued. It was to Zuisho Hotta for his formulation of an anticorrosive paint for ship hulls.

Actually, the first seven Japanese patents under the Patent Monopoly Act were granted on August 14, 1885. Takabayashi Kenzo obtained Patent No. 2–4 for tea processing machines.

After second world war, Japan became a major patent filing country. Even today, Japan is the third biggest patent filing country and the biggest patent granting country. Every year, 2,250 patent applications are filed per million population in Japan.

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Zuisho Hotta also filed a US patent (shown below) for his anticorrosive paint.

Patent Information
Publication number: US916869 A
Patent Title: Antifouling and anticorrosive composition
Publication date: Mar 30, 1909
Filing date: Aug 21, 1908
Priority date: Aug 21, 1908
Inventors: Zuisho Hotta
Original Assignee: Zuisho Hotta