This Day in Tech History - Windows 95 was launched this day [August 24, 1995]

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Microsoft launched Windows 95 on August 24, 1995. The Windows 95 release included a commercial featuring The Rolling Stones’ 1981 single “Start Me Up” (a reference to the Start button). A 30-minute promotional video, labeled a “cyber sitcom,” featuring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, was also released to showcase the features of Windows 95.

Windows 95 introduced numerous functions and features that were featured in later Windows versions, such as the taskbar, the “Start” button and the way the user navigates. Windows 95 was a quantum leap in terms of technological capability and stability.

Here is Microsoft’s patent on the iconic start button.

Source – Wikipedia

Patent Information
Publication number: US5920316 A
Patent Title: Taskbar with start menu
Publication date: Jul 6, 1999
Filing date: Nov 4, 1997
Priority date: Dec 13, 1994
Inventors: Daniel P. Oran, Ian M. Ellison-Taylor, Chee H. Chew, Joseph D. Belfiore, Mark A. Malamud, Jeffrey L. Bogdan, Kent D. Sullivan,
Original Assignee: Microsoft Corporation