Ford has patented a car that can separate into a motorcycle just like Batmobile in the blockbuster movie "The Dark Knight"

Everyone loved the scene in the blockbuster movie ‘The Dark Knight’ when Bat Bike separates from Bat Mobile.

Recently, Ford patented a similar car that can separate into a one-wheeled bike. While this separation may not be as dramatic as its counterpart in the movie, it’s definitely a cool feature to have.

A driver travels to a work office located in an urban setting congested by commuters by first driving the car to a less congested satellite parking lot remote from the office. Then the driver disengages the unicycle using a control available in the car. An automated jack system activates and raises the car. The self-powered Unicycle is also disengaged automatically. Unicycle includes all essentials like a battery, an electric motor, a seat and foot rests.

Driver then mounts the unicycle and drives to office. The Unicycle can be easily and quickly maneuvered in the more congested areas.

The removal of unicycle from the car operates as an anti-theft feature since the car cannot be operated when the unicycle is disengaged.

Patent Information
Patent Number: US 9,211,932
Title: Self-propelled unicycle engagable with vehicle
Assignee: Ford Global Technologies
Inventors: Johannes Huennekens, Samuel Ellis, Greg Foletta, Lauri Mikael Ohra-aho
Filed: June 5, 2014
Published: December 15, 2015


Ford BatMobile