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Lofenalac (Image Credit - Mead Johnson Nutrition)
Lofenalac (Image Credit – Mead Johnson Nutrition)

Lofenalac is an infant powder formula prescribed to replace milk in the diets of Phenylketonuria (PKU) sufferers in the infant and child stage. It can be used to make ice cream, pudding and cake.

In 1972, Lofenalac was declared a food by the FDA, for regulatory purposes.

Medical texts often recommend Lofenalac, however, it can be rather expensive to purchase.

Patent Information
Publication number: US5550146 A
Patent Title: Medical foods for the nutritional support of infant/toddler metabolic diseases
Application number: US 08/423,177
Publication date: 27 Aug 1996
Filing date: 18 Apr 1995
Priority date: 23 Dec 1992
Inventors: Phyllis J. B. Acosta, Richard A. Grondalski, Jeffrey W. Liebrecht, Patricia A. Reynolds
Original Assignee: Abbott Laboratories


Image Credit – Mead Johnson Nutrition

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