Utility Patent Application Legal Definition

A patent application is prepared and filed with US Patent Office to obtain patent rights on an invention. This patent application preparation package is designed to provide a one-stop solution for inventors. The package includes preparing the application (detailed specification of the invention, drawings and claims) and filing the same with US patent office. After filing, the patent application is examined by the patent office and is granted/rejected after a due diligence process.

Deliverable format:This package will provide a patent application draft (in MS-word format) with 10-15 claims, 5-8 drawings and 15-25 pages of specification. Thereafter, the patent application will be filed with US Patent Office and filing receipt will be provided to the inventor(s).

Pricing: $5000 for US Patents. The package includes government filing fee, examination fee and search fee (for small entities). For other countries, please send us an email at office@patentyogi.com.

Turn Around Time (TAT): 20 days from order date.

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