Airbus patented terrain avoiding system for aircraft



Patent Information:

Patent Title: Method and device of terrain avoidance for an aircraft
Patent Number: 9,092,98
Inventors: Botargues; Paule (Toulouse, FR), Caule; Nicolas (Toulouse, FR), Ledauphin; Christelle (Toulouse, FR), Bailly; Jerome (Toulouse, FR), Lacaze; Isabelle (Colomiers, FR), Thezelais; Sylvain (Toulouse, FR), Goyet; Jerome (Blagnac, FR)
Assignee: AIRBUS OPERATIONS SAS (Toulouse, FR)
Family ID: 1000001240343
Appl. No.: 12/617,244
Filed: November 12, 2009

Abstract: According to the invention, a terrain avoidance maneuver is engaged when the alerts of a given pair of alerts are emitted simultaneously, the triggering of one of the alerts depending on the information provided by a first measurement chain and the triggering of the other alert of the pair relying on information provided by a second measurement chain, distinct from and independent of the first chain.